03 January 2008

The resolution post

As part of the Crazy Hip Blog Mama's Collaboration this week, and to jump on the bandwagon, let's pull up last year's resolutions, commentary in italics...

1. Exercise more (walking the dogs might actually help with this one...)
Very slight improvement here. Still a long way to go.
2. Read the Bible through in one year or less.
Ummm, next...
3. Set consistent time for prayer and devotions, not just toss it in when I remember.
Still with the tossing...
4. Spend more time with my kids.
Making baby steps here.
5. Establish healthy eating habits.
6. Drink two quarts of water daily.
Not hardly, but better...
7. Start juicing.
A couple times...
8. Cut down on the time I waste on the internet (blogging is therapeutic, not wasteful...)
Ups and downs. Scrabulous is my downfall.
9. Finish the damn degree, already!!!!
One semester left. $2000 to go...
10. Be less sarcastic (oh the pain...)
I think this is better.
11. Jump in where I am instead of waiting for circumstances to be "just so."
This too.
12. Laugh more on purpose.
Hard sometimes.
13. Finish painting the hall.

Resolutions are a bit silly, but they exemplify the human drive for self-improvement. Every year is like having a clean slate to start ourselves over and make a new creature. Even if we never do, the potential is there, and it's exciting.
This year, I'll probably revisit all of those. They're worthwhile, but I'll add one more:
14. Be content.

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Cliff said...

Look Gette, I don't need you making me feel lazy. I am. But you don't need to point it out.