30 January 2008

Holy frostbite, Batman!

Windchills -42 f. Yowch. Actual temp -15. If you can make a beeline from the house door to the car door and avoid the wind, it's only really insanely cold. Surprisingly enough, both Job 1 and 2 were busier today than Monday before the cold settled back in. Not much moved yesterday, but it doesn't take too long before born and bred Minnesotans develop an in-your-face attitude about the cold. I met a friend in her seventies at the door of the store across the street form Job 1. "I was only coming across the street," she stated, "my car is warm." explaining her lack of coat or mittens. Maybe it's just senility.
Filed Thing 1's very first tax return. The little bugger is quite excited about the prospect of her first refund. Now it's late and I'm shot. Nite!

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