31 March 2008

Again with the snow...

The Crazy Hip Blog Mamas asked about our thoughts on the end of winter and approach of spring. We woke this morning to a new coating of wet, sticky, white stuff. It was no surprise, as the local weather sensationalizers were forecasting 3-7" in the metro. So far, we've only gotten about an inch. The dogs love to walk in it; the snow is the right depth and consistency for them to leave perfect little paw prints on the road.
As much as I hate winter, I kind of like spring snow. When winter looms out ahead of me, promising nothing but bitter cold, dark, and high propane bills, I get really depressed. In March, I know the snow won't last long. We got 11 inches last week, and it's long gone. Today's accumulation will be gone by Wednesday, since tomorrow's forecast is sunshine and 37 degrees. In spring, I can enjoy snow because it does not threaten to smother me for three more months. The days are longer, the wind less bitter (though sometimes still pretty raw!) and the air holds the promise of warm days to come. Bring on April!


Angie said...

Thanks for stopping my my humble little blog.

Today we are experiencing mid 60's. YEAH! However it is so dreary and rainy. So dark and everything is still so brown. It is hard to get excited. YET! Tomorrow is supposed to be 20 degrees cooler! Yuck! But, spring is close. VERY CLOSE!


Cliff said...

Well I'm once again caught up. You are too busy and too cold. I was feeling sorry for myself and our weather.
I like the picture of you son and daughter in the kitchen and of you on the bike. :)
I was unable to make the video or firestorm films website do anything. drat. Good luck with the job search.

Flip Flop Momma said...

so do we know about the weekend yet?