07 March 2008

Friday Meme-ness

Look! Blog Fodder, and a list! Two birds with one stone! Yay for writing prompts!


If you could be any current celebrity for one whole week, who would you want to be?

I'd like to be Bono, with money, recognition and resources to make a difference in underprivileged parts of the world.


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you enjoy talking on the phone?

Erm, 5. Love being able to connect with people far away. Love visiting. Hate waiting on hold. Hate answering machines. Hate being easily distracted from the conversation by stuff around me.


Name a charitable organization to which you have donated (or would like to).

Modest Needs

Main Course

What is a food you like so much you could eat it every single day for a month?

Orange creme whole milk yogurt


Have you or anyone in your family had the flu this year?

Don't think so, but we're constantly passing around some bug or another.

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