20 March 2008

Seven random things.

Hm. Got tagged, I see...Trouble with these things is not repeating stuff I already posted way back when. Oh well...
1. I won a VFW/American Legion essay contest on freedom in the 4th grade.
2. My second cousin was the art teacher at my grade school and also the Legion Auxiliary president. Everyone hated her and gave me crap. There truly is nothing better to do in small towns.
3. I was a bullied kid, but I survived. I can understand those who don't. I have a lot of empathy for the bullying issues I see on TV and read about for ed classes. Never got to the point of gunning down a school, though.
4. I snort when I get a good laugh on.
5. I don't think I've got grey hair yet. I color too often to tell. My mom was silver by 35, so I'm kinda surprised.
6. My teeth are still really crooked, despite three years of braces.
7. I like spinach. (That's lame, but this is harder than it looks...)

OK, who to tag...
1.Mama Michel
2.The Flip Flop Queen
4.Cosmic Junkie
6.Jamie Dawn
7.Groovy Mom

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Groovy Mom said...

Cool! I'm on it! Well, in the same way I'm on anything, which means it will take me a few days, then I'll forget about it, then I'll remember at a random moment (probably while driving somewhere) but eventually it will be on my blog. lol.

crickl's nest said...

Yay! Good job.....I'm sorry I didn't know you had already done this, but thanks for taking it on. =)

Jamie Dawn said...

Controlled mayhem... I know that feeling.

I made my kids clean their rooms before my mom's visit this past weekend. I know what that chaos stage looks like when they are in between the initial chaos stage and before the actual organized/clean stage. It's hitonious to the max!! Luckily, their rooms were in order by the time my mom got here.

For the first couple of years of marriage, we lived in snowy places: SD, then CO.
I'm a CA born and bred girl, so those snowy states were not my cup of tea! We moved from CA to AR nearly three years ago. We live in mid/south AR, so we don't have bad winters. I'm NOT a fan of snow or cold, so I have pity on you. The photos you showed are sure pretty though.

I'll try to get around to doing the seven random things. I usually put memes in a draft on my blog and do them when I don't have other things to say.
I only post twice a week, so I usually have stuff to say.

I hope your week is going well so far.