06 March 2008


The week rolls on...
Thing 1 is having bus troubles. Our route has a bad rep for troublesome behavior, so the driver is pretty strict and brooks no nonsense. With all the kids he has to get safely to school, I usually appreciate this. However, Thing 1 has been on one sort of restriction or another since Christmas break. She feels as if she is unfairly singled out, or sometimes she will take the fall for a group thing to avoid a confrontation with the driver. Now she's been ejected from the bus for two weeks, and the school wants her to write an apology to the driver and to us for inconveniencing us. After talking with her, and corroborating with the other Things and some other kids on the bus, we feel she is not to blame for this incident and her dad wrote a letter to school explaining it. The school counselor wants her to go ahead and write the letter and "take responsibility," though she is in possession of a letter that tells her we INSTRUCTED HER NOT TO. Hello? Bucking parental authority is for teenagers, not the school counselors. Not making matters easier is the fact that she has been dealing with an intern in the counselors office. We'll be calling and changing that as well.
iPastor's mom is not doing well. She has been hospitalized this week with pneumonia, and they are having a difficult time keeping her fever down. Hoping to go visit tomorrow. Sucks that the decent healthcare is so far away.
Tuckered out. Two job days all week, and next week too. Bonus: Next week is spring break at school, so my two school days off work are FREE!! Thursday iPastor and I are going to Sioux Falls to see Third Day. Woot! We'll drop Things 1 and 2 off at G'ma & G'Pa D's for their combined birthday weekend. Bonus day for going together this year. Off to bed. Rest is good.

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