16 March 2008


It was our church's annual breakfast and egg hunt today. We like to beat the rush and take care of stuff on Palm Sunday. We had lots of wonderful food, but the kids had one goal in mind. They came home with buttloads of candy. Thing 3 got the "golden" egg and won a little Zebco fishing kit that Thing 4 is quite jealous of.
Speaking of Thing 4, he's been coming into his own lately, but also showing sides to his temperment that I druther not see. He crawled into be with me this morning chirping about his trip for pizza and the Horton movie with grandpa. He proceeded to explain left and right (correctly) to me, and play with the cat. Getting ready for church, however, became a struggle. He threw a fit over jelly toast, then acted up all through church. It'll all come around, I'm sure, but it was a trying morning.
Now it's time to wind down tonight and gear up for tomorrow. Nite, y'all.

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Cliff said...

Good day for sure. I'm caught up. Glad the concert was good for you. You are one busy little blogette.