08 March 2008

Speedrun V2.0

We ran to the cities today to visit Elsie. I usually don't have problems driving in the cities, but this and this were kicking my butt today. It was like that scene in European Vacation, where Clark keeps hollering "I can't get left!" "Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!" I could see the stinkin' Washington Avenue bridge from anywhere in the neighborhood, but I couldn't get on the dang thing! At least the Wiki explains why it's so verschlugende hard... Anyway, we had been told her visitors were limited, so I dropped Thing 1 and iPastor off, then we headed to the N burbs to visit my bro and the rest of my clan who were in town for a visit. We had a lovely lunch and some chat, then headed back to miss the Washington Avenue bridge AGAIN. We were able to all pop into Elsie's room long enough to say Hi and give sanitized smooches, than we headed to MOA just long enough for iPastor to browse the Apple store with his gift card, and play a little parking tag. We then decided to take an alternate route home in order to eat at the Bayrischer Hof. Who knew that Springsteen, the Eagles and the Beatles were all accordion music? There was just enough snow to make driving interesting; speeds varied from 65 to 45 all the way home. It'll wait until morning to shovel.

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