03 March 2008

Can't trust that day...

Off to a rolling start here. It wouldn't be so bad if Thing 4 would just crawl into bed with us and sleep, but he has to sprawl across the pillow with his whole body, grind his teeth and snore. Sleep was a relative concept last night. Then the rest of the family wonders why I don't feel like getting out of bed right away in the morning. Arg.
Got a new toy over in the sidebar. The Blogger folks were pimping it out in the dashboard, so I'll give it a try, as long as it's free. Check it out and see what you think. Any serious foolishness may be posted to the blog for fodder.
NaBloPoMo has expanded their format to every month now. Jump in where you are and get your feet wet. The theme for this month is lists. The Cosmic Junkie sent one last week that I will address here rather than email, because I am lazy that way. Two birds with one stone and all that...However, I can't find it right now, so I'll do it later.
Last week I joked that I only had one two-job day, whatever would I do with all my free time. It's come back to me in spades, as every day until Saturday is a two-job day, except for the twelve hour school day tomorrow. I may be a little scarce here...

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