21 March 2008

March in Minnesota

I stayed in Marshall after class to attend a meeting for an online high school starting next year. It's not the first, but the kids are interested so I checked it out. It was raining when I left Marshall yesterday. I drove into this storm. Ew. It didn't really bother me, I just went slowly. There was someone ahead of me who couldn't decide which side of the road to drive on, and the biggest challenge was just not to follow the tracks he left.
There was no school today anyway, so the kids have been out using the snow to its best advantage. It's fairly warm and the moisture content is perfect for snowman and snowfort construction. I'll stay inside and man the hot chocolate production and cookie baking.


Groovy Mom said...

I do NOT want to see those pictures. I'm flying to Minnesota in less than a month to visit my grandma and other relatives. There better not be snow then. I'll freak. (I hate driving in the snow.)

KrazyMom said...

Looks just like MI today! I had to drive three hours in that junk tonight! Ugghh! Spring, please hurry!!

Rachel said...

It's beautiful!!! We have sunshine here and it's warm!! We'll have some more cold, or cooler, weather I'm sure, but for now I'm enjoying this!!

Cliff said...

Keep it Gette.

You laugh and snort. I hope I get to hear that several times in July.

I'll eat spinach if it has a white sauce on it OR if someone holds a gun to my head.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Oh man.. I couldn't believe that when I looked outside... haven't we been punished enough? SNow after spring... hiding those neon colored eggs I hide every year won't be so easy on a solid white background. They will stand out like nobodies business. *sigh*

I had looked into that online thing for my friends daughter (my friend asked me to) it looks ok other then the students gotta be super diciplined.

Happy Easter chickie!

Jeff said...

These are just like the pics that Mrs. R posted the other day. Another Minnesotan of course. I don't know, I kind of like it. :-)