18 March 2008

Ten On Tuesday

This week's theme: Ten places I'd take a visitor to my home town. In our case, town is 200 people, so I've expanded to what I consider "home turf." Play along in the
comments or link back to your list on your own blog...
1. Really Big Tree:
This is about four miles from my house and almost the first thing we visit when we have exchange students.

Camp Release

The link will give you the history of the event there. Our own little piece of the Dakota Conflict of 1862.

3. Art's Dairy Freeze. (In Season)
My kids would be far more excited about this (and iPastor.) I don't really like it that much, but I'm all for the nostalgia. There's one in my hometown I'd list if we lived there.

4. Our Church!
5. If a visitor had kids to entertain, we'd hit the PYC. Someone is really making a go of Prairieland Youth Center. It's putting a disused building to work, and providing activities for kids. Several have tried and failed since I came to town, and iPastor and his buddy Dan built their first DJ business from the ashes of their go at one wayyyy back when. It has been very difficult for any of these people to enlist community or municipal support, and the present management, while enduring some growing pains and reorganizing, is rallying to keep this going.
6. We would have to lunch at Valentino's.
7. And have supper at Duffy's
8. Historic Chippewa City
9. Swenson Farm Are you getting the Historical Society theme here? For one thing, we are interested in this stuff. Also, there's not much else to do here.
10.LacQuiParle Mission If we went geographically, this would be by the tree, but oh well.
Only in Minnesota, would you find at, oh, say, 6am, a woman in her jammies, slippers and fuzzy robe, plowing a minivan in reverse through the plow rut. Successfully.


Cliff said...

Is that the Valentinos of Nebraska fame?

Rachel said...

All 10 things looked interesting to me!! I love that huge tree!!!