14 March 2008

Hootin' and hollerin'

The concert was awesome. We dropped the girls off with g'ma and headed for ELmen Canter at Augie for the concert. Revive opened: good fun, young noise. Then Decemberadio took the stage rocking it old school. They had apparently studied 80's hair band style and it was working for them. The riff into Kansas'"Carry On" didn't hurt, either. Sanctus Real was third; everything on their playlist has had airplay lately, so they are up and coming. The openers were an hour and a half, then they struck all the equipment from the stage and Third Day hit. Wow. Just. Wow. Mac had a twinkle in his eye that looked like he was having a blast, or he's a really good faker. The band was fired up and put on an excellent show. We hung on the rail. iPastor's secret superpower is being able to get to the front of any GA concert crowd, so we got Mac's water dumped on us (which was all right, blessed hot in a crowd of jumping co-eds.) and came home with a guitar pick. We also scavenged enough Coke caps to pay for one of the kid's college, cuz I'm tacky that way. Scored some swag on the way out, and hit Lange's for breakfast on the way home. Good times.
Got home at 2:15 in the blessed am, so I slept in and my day is shot, for I am off to work and out the door!

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