23 March 2008

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed! Blessed Easter to all!
I'm beginning to wonder if I have a mild bug of some sort. I really zonked out last night, and I needed a nap this afternoon. Just feel worn and draggy. No fever or other symptoms, just shot.
I told Thing 2 to clean off her bed, and she has her whole room ripped apart in that "worse before it's better" stage of cleaning. Hate to stop her, but hope she doesn't fizzle out before she's done. Thing 1 did the same sort of job last week, and I think little sister likes how it turned out and is trying to follow suit. More power to her!
Off to do some work of my own. The sun is out, so I hate to miss it!


Cliff said...

You must have brought the kids up right.
We are dry and hauling corn down our country lane so I'm happy.

Flip Flop Momma said...

hope u had a good holiday..

so when we gonna go out?....