17 March 2008


Lovely white poofy stuff coming down. Doesn't last too long this time of year; by tomorrow it'll be brown slop. The yard looks clean for now.
I have no telephone, and no idea why. The internet is up, the phone appears to be fully charged, and there's no reason I can think of that I get dead air. I also have no idea where iPastor has the vonage box rigged in to check it out.
Checked out some meme things for Monday, but none of them sparked my interest. That and many were St. Pat's related. I believe firmly that Saint Patrick spends most of March 17 every year spinning like a top in his grave. I have no idea what green beer and debauchery have to do with St. Pat. Or being Irish. Just an excuse for the Norwegians around here to tint a keg. Of to get ready for work and track down a sitter on foot.

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Rachel said...

Bright sunshine here today. Quite springlike!! :)