27 May 2008

10 on Tuesday: Time Wasters

Oh, dear...

I could lump them all together under one Evil Category: The Internet. If I did that, however, I'd have to come up with nine others, so I'll list my biggest time wasters from the 'net, and maybe some real life stuff, too.

1. Blog reading. Of course I read all your blogs to gain valuable information and pearls of wisdom from them, so that's really time well spent, non?
2. Scrabulous. Just one more match...
3. Rand Mc Nally Road trip planner. I spend more time planning trips than we actually spend on the trips when we finally take them.
4. My firepit. I can diddle out there for hours burning various and sundry bits of stuff from the yard (for recreational purposes of course, because of course I know it's illegal to burn yard waste) but unfortunately, it never seems to improve the condition of the yard.
5. iTunes. I can always find something to look for. Lots of performance tracks to browse. Interesting podcasts to subscribe. Bad.
6. icanhascheezburger.com
7. fark.com
8. YouTube
9. startribune.com
10. My bathtub. Soapy warm bubbles calling to me...

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