11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today dawned sunny and with much more promise than yesterday. Job 2 was an absolute riot; full speed ahead from the word go. Everyone was out for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, in one instance this included a family with grandma, two couples and seven overtired and cranky children. Those poor kids did amazingly well, considering the protracted wait. The only exception was the apx. two-year-old girl screaming her lungs out for the majority of their stay. We brought crackers, fruit snacks and colors, but that little one was too far gone. Grandma looked too frail to be much help, but dad could have taken her out to the car. As it was, the Moms' "special" meal consisted of lots of "Whisper!" "Sit down!!" "Eat your food before you get a treat." kissing pinched fingers and wiping spilled water. Their Mother's Day next year had better include the dads staying home with the kids while the mom's pick up grandma and head out for cocktails ALONE.
One of my most interesting Mother's Days was iPastor watching the kids so I could take my cruiser to test and tune at the track, then head over to Watertown to race. Very thoughtful.
When I got home, I got out and started a fire in the pit while I cleaned up the yard a little. Then I got my hands dirty and planted the tomatoes and peppers I started earlier. Then I had a lovely bubble bath to get the smoke smell from the fire off me!
My kids had their first adventure biking the seven miles to town. I may never see them again. Argh. They have tasted freedom under their own power.
Off to bed now. Job hunt starts in earnest tomorrow.


Cliff said...

I went to bed last night after having left a lengthty comment about groovy mom saying something about a guy pullling a kilt of at the prom and then I lost the whole thing, got mad and went to bed.
Your daughter for sure needs to find someone tough enough to wear a skirt to a prom.
My wife is of the clan MacPherson so I know a bit about you folks.
Good luck on the job search.

Flip Flop Momma said...

another job?...huh?

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Glad your Mothers Day went relatively well. I'd have chocked Ug for the 7 cranky kids. Moms Day, while I do do something with the kids is for Moms. Dad sucks it up around here and plays my full role for the day leaving him kissing my feet by the end of it.

Nothing says I love and appriciate you more then a bewilderd father of almost 7 telling you that he doesn't know how you do it. Nothing.

Happy Moms Day... a bit late, but better then never.