01 May 2008


Indeed. Many meanings to that word. School work got completely sidetracked yesterday, but iPastor and I got some really good time in to explore some stuff, and just catch up on the mundane details of life.
Right in the middle of my finals crunch, I got a very positive and entirely unsettling follow-up call on an interview I had at the job fair. No firm offer, but a really good vibe that opens up a can o' worms, because it involves a move. A big move. Trying very hard not to overthink this, and to keep a careful eye and ear to any leading I am getting. Prayers along these lines are appreciated.
Alex has Prom #2 this weekend, and we are so scattered and hectic I hope we don't lose too much in the shuffle.
Thing 3 helped her brother take care of May Baskets this evening. They had a good time. Cute as bugs. No pics this year, though.
Off to reboot for tomorrow.

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Cliff said...

Now that right there is news. Keep us informed and we'll keep you in our prayers.
exciting eh?