09 May 2008

Craziness comes in assorted flavors

So, the classroom work is done. Now time for the paperwork. Also, while I was out turning in finals, I got a call for an interview. Cool.
iPastor has been holding down the homefront. We survived prom. We've done several with exchange students. Hopefully a couple years until my own need to go, unless they start dating upperclassmen. Thing 1 already has her prom dress picked out. She needs to save her pennies, though, because it's this:

The kid has taste, now she needs a date who'll wear a kilt well.
Off to catch up on the neglected stuff around here.

1 comment:

Groovy Mom said...

Oh wow! Yes. I hope she finds a date who will wear a kilt, and can pull it off! They would be a hit.