23 May 2008

No go

The job hunt continues. Drat.
Not much else going on. Two job day today, then our family spends Saturday with Elsie. Should be a nice weekend. Enjoy yours.


Cliff said...

Well poop.
A pleasant Memorial Day to you and yours.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

That sucks hun, I'm sorry. But hey, better will come along, have faith. Sounds like it was tenuous at best with the referendum happening. Who's to say another one wouldn't have happened next year and not pass, then you'd be in the same boat as before. (The situation sounds similar to the district I was going to send the inmates to before we nixed the idea)

It'll happen hun.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

KrazyMom said...

Sorry about the prospective job. It just wasn't meant to be, hang in there and something better will come your way!

Have a great weekend!