19 May 2008


Only one job days all week until Friday, and I actually get all day tomorrow off! What'll I do with myself? No more dishes; my hands are hashed.
A job in the neighboring school district came up on the boards today. Our little town actually sits within both districts, so we have two different buses go through town every day. Our first exchange student went to that school because we were out of openings at our school. I would love to find something so close in the neighborhood. The next closest one I've seen is half time, the next is 37 miles. Anyway, keep praying on the job situation for me. I want to make sure I go where I'm supposed to, and I hope to be able to discern where exactly that is.
I'm either hearing a really echo-y nailgun or a dog with a weird bark. Maybe both. Someone is working on re-roofing the decrepit little store downtown. They keep some weird hours.


Paul said...

Good Morning. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've seen your gooses (geesies?)--geese photo on Cliff's blog a lot and have wanted to share a similar one with you. I took it about a month or 6 weeks ago in The Big City near here.

I read several of your posts. You have a nice blog. When you're not looking, I'll probably bookmark it.

Our 14-YO grandson is a "big star" actor in Christian Youth Theater. He can't dance worth a hoot, tho. I wrote a Dance once, but nobody will buy it. Wanna play?

Jeff said...

Good luck with those job ops! I'll send up some thoughts for you :-)

Cliff said...

The way to tell if it's the right place to work is if they offer you money to teach there.
If they won't pay then don't do it.

never mind.