18 May 2008

Day of rest my foot

Had a gorgeous day here that I used to try to catch up the stuff I couldn't get done earlier in the week. Tried to rally the kids for some help but that was an exercise in futility. They were too enamored of the nice weather themselves to be much help. One helped finish with mulching of a flowerbed, and the other made a small pile of yard clippings that never got picked up and disposed of. I sat in the shade and shaved a dog. Poor thing couldn't see. The winter coat was pretty thick, not unlike shearing a sheep. Now all the other dogs will make fun of his bad haircut. Hopefully by July he'll be grown out enough so I won't be ashamed to take him to Marilyn for a real cut. Did some trimming and clipping in the yard, and tried to get my garage-sale trimmer to start. Pastor Bob will check it out for me tomorrow. The yard is nearly ready to bale, so I may as well wait. Off to herd the cranky kids to bed. Best bet is to let cranky mom get there first.

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