24 May 2008

Gone with the wind

As could have been predicted, my apple trees bloomed this week, thereby guaranteeing strong winds to blow the blossoms off. Oh well.
Weekend has blown away, too. No-one else is available to stay with MIL, so our family is tag-teaming around work, and we are going nowhere that we had hoped. Alex also has strained ligaments in her ankle, so she is puffed up and sore, so it would have been awkward to get out to Arnold's Park or anywhere else. I did want iPastor to get over to Home Depot for a mower, though. We're working on knee high by the fourth of July in the yard. While we were out, someone came by and helped mow a little. I had asked kids to clean up the yard in anticipation of the mowing. They did not comply, so whoever helped mowed around the junk. Around the bikes. Around the lawn chair. It's fairly hilarious. Time to tag off with iPastor.

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