21 May 2008

This is weird...

So I've mentioned before that we have a MAME. It looks something like this:

Imagine cords and a keyboard coming out of the coin slots on the front of the machine (Thing #4 refers to this as the "Big Bachine") Imagine typing on this keyboard while manipulating the various trackballs, fire buttons and joysticks to navigate the internet. This is what happens when my kids hog my computer... I suppose it IS their turn, after all, but still...
I hd a lovely little allegory last week when I was too frenzied to type about it. iPastor and I were bringing dogs in out of the rain. He brought in Tiger, and unleashed him and his furry, mud-encrusted paws while he went back for another dog. Needless to say, I had big, muddy pawprints all over my floor. He wandered all through the downstairs before heading to the mudroom for food and his bed. Had iPastor left the leash on, he would have guided Tiger right to the same spot, much quicker and with less collateral damage. How much like that are we? Humans have a guide, or "leash" if you will, in the Bible and it's commandments. When we stick to them, things go much better for us. When we "free" ourselves from that yoke, we make a big mess of things lalong the way home. Often, we wind up back at a save haven, but not before we've muddied our path quite a bit. Just a little something for y'all to chew on. (Don't worry, I'm not after JD's pulpit...)
Decided exactly what I wanted to wear for the interview tomorrow, then tried t on (Thankfully!) to discover it looked like crap because it doesn't fit right. So off to the Evil*Empire I went, where nothing they had fit, either. Did find something I liked in the wrong size. So it goes... Managed to scrape together an outfit; got it in the wash ready to press and go first thing in the morning. This interview is 37 miles away, which is relatively close when talking rural school districts. Better get my loose ends tied up before morning. Nite!

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