15 May 2008

Little things...

Today was full of little things. I didn't get anything big done, but lots of little things. Sent off two application packets. Mulched a flowerbed. Wrangled kids for some help in the yard. Scrubbed the basement stairs. Did some laundry. Worked a little. Looks nice when I write it all down.
Little things also have a way of surprising you. Something like writing the date. Like yesterday. It happens every year. Writing a check, dating a paper, I suddenly realize its May 14. The day my dad died. 26 years ago. It always catches me off guard. The I feel guilty. Because I don't remember what day my mom died. I know it was the first half of December 1989. Maybe because she died a sanitized death in a nursing home hundreds of miles from me or anyone else in her family, rather than collapsing in front of me. I don't know. It makes me feel bad. I owe her more than that.
We're supposed to be compiling favorite blog posts for a book of Blogstock attendees. I've been cranking out such drivel for the sake of Blog 365, and previously NaBloPoMo, that I can't think of any favorites. Do you guys have any? Look back in the archive linkies, or comment if you liked the one where I wrote about ________. I'm supposed to send them by May 23rd, so be snappy about it, would ya?


Ralph said...

I will take a look back through some of your previous posts. You HAVE written some good stuff.
Don't let this leak out but if you need a little more time to get your posts in just let me know.

Also, I have had a lot of those days where I have to set and think, "Okay what did I really get done today?" A lot of little things but not one or two "big" things. I guess I finally figured out you need to do the little things to get to the big things.

Cliff said...

khWell all I know is your blog is worth reading and not at all phony. That's the deal.
Send your best to Ralph, but makes sure it's not some of that there 'Flamin' Liberal' stuff.