30 May 2008


It's funny what illness brings out in people. MIL has been inundated with food and offers of help. I just cleaned her fridge (AGAIN!) and tossed various bits and blobs of food. Most people have been really gracious. Case in point: last year MIL took bids to pave her decrepit blacktop driveway. The contractor hemmed, hawed and didn't show up until about 3 weeks ago. When he was done, he came in to check with MIL who said, "Are you gonna send me the bill?" to which he replied, "No, I think God's telling me to donate it." He went on to say he wasn't sure, but who wants to take that chance. ;)
Then there are those other responses. There was the lady who stopped me at work to ask about MIL. " I need to bring her carmel rolls," she said, "She loves my carmel rolls." I replied that indeed she does, and she had a pan earlier in the week. "Someone else brought them?" she said, "well I know she craves MY rolls, so I'll have to bring some by." Oh my.
Most people are very kind, though. Our pastor's wife decided WE needed some TLC and brought us Tuesday suppers for a month. It was much appreciated, and helped to take a little bit of hectic out of our lives. Hopefully I can pay that back some day.


MamaMichelsBabies said...

Thats awesome that people still pull together like that. It's good to know we all haven't lost our humanity in the craziness of things.

An ill Mom is never easy... I'm thinking about all of you.

Jamie Dawn said...

How wonderful that people are willing to help.
It must be difficult to be dealing with illness. I don't know the details, but I am sorry for your MIL and for you as well. I hope you all enjoy whatever gifts of kindness keep coming your way.