25 May 2008

Stormy Sunday

Morning Thunderstorms rolled through before church today. They were actually rather nice thundershowers; except for the mugginess it's been nice today.
The extra time at MIL's has been good for catching up on movies. MIL has DirecTV. Last night iPastor took the batch that had not yet seen Indiana Jones to see it; the rest of us watched Pirates...III. Then I watched Next and Pride and Prejudice before I finally pried myself off the couch and went to bed. Sweet. Tonight I hope to get some reading and paperwork done. There are a million things I should be getting done at home before I go, so I'd best get back at them.

Update 6:45pm.

Whoa. Counting blessings today... Prayers for these folks. So far no deaths reported. Let's hope it stays that way. AP just reported one while I typed. Poop. Enjoy your weekend folks, while remembering these people.


Jeff said...

Stupid storm pelted my new(er) car with hail today. Grrr.

Cliff said...

Hey gette! I've got a new mower you can borrow. It's got a 72" deck so it shouldn't take long.
I don't have a trailer. But it seems to be pretty fast so I'll start that way...maybe tomorrow.

Flip Flop Momma said...

we got some pretty good sized hail...it didnt rain here till damn near 4pm...

I have dishnetwork...and I never watch movies, I hate movies, but u can come over anytime and wach HBO if ya want;)