13 May 2008

10 on Tuesday

Today's topic: Ten things I'm really good at
Hard to do this with a sense of humility... Oh well, I'll take a shot at it.

1. Singing
2. Acting
3. Making really beautiful children
4. Embarrassing those children in public
5. Prepared public speaking (impromptu, not so much, but I can do it in a pinch)
6. Planning trips. I love randmcnally.com, hotwire.com and sidestep.com
7. Napping anywhere. Car, mall, you name it, I can get comfy and catch a few zzzzz
8. Eating. For you D&D geeks out there, I have a plus 2 cast iron stomach of holding.
9. Taking care of the elderly. I got out of it, but I rock at it.
10. Making up songs for my kids.

That was hard. Try it and see.

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