11 November 2007


Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you.
Bubbie's b'day party was fun. He, our sister and her daughter and grands met my family at a hotel with (dinky) waterpark in Watertown. Bro has a tiny apartment, so this way the whole family could stretch out and the kids could blow steam. Sis treated to Chinese buffet for supper. Uncooperative employers kept iPastor at home and sis-in-law at work until late, but we got in some good visiting (sleep is overrated) and spent the first real time together as a family unit since probably 2001. We got the obligatory pictures, and headed home before we got on each other's nerves.

The weather was mild for the drive home, but overcast. As we bean the descent from South Dakota into Minnesota, I got Thing 1 to take some pictures. It looks much better on a sunny day, but about 5 miles west of the border, we crest a hill and can see for miles. Someday I'll learn to use a camera to capture the coolness, but until then, all you get are these:

We are working on reducing electric use. The LP company came to fill the tank and put the fear of petroleum in us for the year. Gotta try to cut corners where we can. We're working on unplugging and powering down all the little peripheral stuff that we don't think of, and simply being more conscious of our use. If we have to plug it in to use it, we may think twice about the need. With that in mind, it's time to power down and bid you folks good night.


Cliff said...

Looks like a fun time for sure. Be careful about unplugging the fridge or the freezer. There are penalties for doing that.

katjjames said...

Thanks for taking Kat. Ironic she spent her birthday in the town she was born. I couldn't have planned it better, I think. Glad to hear it was fun