15 November 2007


Long day. Got some homework done and sent it off via email, then worked both jobs today. I worked up some fodder for another waitress rant, though. If there's a hostess, and a sign indicating please wait to be seated, there's a reason for it. The hostess tries to spread people out so one server doesn't get swamped while another has no tables. Murphy's law applies to food service: if you let people seat themselves they will all settle into the same section. If you have to duck around the "Please wait to be seated" sign and nearly knock it over, telling me you didn't see it won't fly.
The Things are growing way too fast. Thing 4 wanted to help with dishes last night, so he pulled up a chair next to me and "helped" which involved lots of soap and splashing, but not much washing. As he did his part, he admired his reflection in the window over the sink, and began to sing himself a song about Jedi washing dishes, all the time studying his expressions in the mirror. I have to remember to tuck these times away for when they are 14 and making me insane.

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