04 November 2007


Well, pictures will have to wait for a less hectic day.

I took Thing 1 to her job at McD's today. We got there early enough for her to grab her breakfast. They were a little short-staffed, and some of the clientele was a little short-tempered. A hunter was waiting with his son. When told his order would be about four more minutes, he snarked, "It's already been 20, what's four more?" He emoted all over anyone within close proximity. I wanted to say something, but I specifically felt like I wanted to say something to make a positive influence and not just make a snotty remark; at that minute, I didn't have the words. I sat down while Thing 1 waited for her food. A young man got up from where he was sitting in the kids' section and wandered along the line of customers at the counter. He could have been anywhere from 15 to 25, a developmentally disabled young man with a shuffling gait and a huge smile. From where I sat, it seemed like he went directly for the cranky hunter and offered him a high five. The hunter was a little nonplussed, but grinned back and slapped the young man's hand with a "Hey, buddy." The young man beamed at him and pointed out his blaze orange cap, which the hunter took off and showed him. About that time, an older woman with the young man came along to collect him and they headed out the door. The hunter's demeanor had completely changed. Someone else was sent to take care of it.


MamaMichelsBabies said...

I'm glad that the hunter responded well to him, I'd have drivin out there, found him and stuffed him for my wall myself if he hadn't.

Sometimes things just work out.

Good for him.

cosmic junkie said...

Duuuuude! Rock on, developmentally disabled guy! Wouldnt it be great if we were all as wise and brave as the developmentally disabled sometimes? It would be a much better world. Great story! Thanks!

cosmic junkie