18 November 2007


For more on the theme, we have this item today. Humph.
I served a big birthday party today at Job 1. Grandpa took me aside and wanted to pick up the tab. His kids cornered me and said no, he couldn't afford it. The end result was a pissing match over the tab that left me stuck in the middle and grandpa rather crestfallen. If you have elderly parents, do me a favor and try not to humiliate them in public, even though you mean well.


Cliff said...

That's what I tell my grown kids and they usually are good about not embarrassing this elderly parent.
I read your post of the 16th and am thinking maybe a 'gentle' laxative may be in order.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

This just about broke my heart.. I've seen it happen and wondered if the children had any idea but then I've been that kid too. Unwittingly embarassing my Mom, and felt about an inch big when I realized what I had done.

Poor guy.. poor family..

We usually settle tabs now by the throwing money on the table and snatching our parents up after they leave or aren't looking. We sneak it back to them later, in their car or purse, so they think they found "boon" money. Plus, we tip way better then they do anyway, so it works out for everyone.