14 November 2007


Windy. The glass is rattling in the really old panes, and the plastic is fluttering on the ones we've gotten covered. The steady rush was almost soothing last night. Better than the squeaky belt at the grain elevator, anyway. That's been the noise I've had to fall asleep to all through harvest. I wonder what's up with the wind, though. I chatted briefly with Dutch Girl #2 yesterday; she said they've had the windiest weather there on record for 30 years. iPastor told me he heard that Seattle had gusts of 90mph yesterday. Marshall, where I drive for class, sits atop the Buffalo Ridge and has a reputation for being windy. Yesterday as I was approaching town, MPR reported that it was the "wind winner" for the day, with sustained winds of 30 gusting to 45mph. It shook the windows in my poorly-sealed car doors.
Thing 4 slept through until nine this morning. We both woke up about 3:30am when the fake baby went off (it goes back today, Yay!) and had a potty break, then snuggled back in to sleep. Now he'll be supercharged. We may be in trouble.
No one has posted any questions about life, the universe and everything in comments yet. C'mon y'all; give a girl a hand...

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Misty said...

I have no deep or substantial questions but I am quite intrigued with this idea of the tot doll...

I was just reading about your halloween party and hope I can be that cool and un-anal of a parent when my daughter is in high school!