05 November 2007


The "s" word.
I saw it today. Nasty little flurries scudding up the street pushed by a bitter wind. Quite short-lived, and interspersed with sunshine, but not to be denied. It's heeeeeeeeeeere.
Family is acting a bit cranky on the after school shift. Think I'll drag them forcibly to town to dry and fold laundry. New used dryer should be here soon, but we're either hanging or laundromatting in the meantime. Bleah.
The cold has moved to my chest. Night before last I awoke every hour or so to a coughing fit. Last night I slept thru until 3, but when I awoke to cough, I kept at it for an hour. I moved to the couch so I could prop myself upright, and got back to sleep for a couple hours. Those are the times I miss having a recliner. Most days it just took up space, but it was nice for headcold or pregnancy sleeping.
Nothing much else today. Tired and cranky is contagious. TTYL.

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