07 November 2007


After three daughters, I'm still getting the hang of raising a son. Tonight I had Thing 4 in the tub. The entire array of tubby toys accompanied him, including a little terrycloth seal with a tiny red-striped bandanna around his neck. I glanced through some reading while Thing 4 enjoyed the water. Soon he announced "Look!" I glanced over to witness him proudly, um, sporting the little bandanna. I did a lovely spit take, to which he announced, "That's funny." Just so long as he quits that before he starts dating, we should be all right.
I almost forgot tonight's post. I'm glad I remembered, but I hope I can find some other habits to establish over these next 30 days that might actually be of some use. That's fodder for another post; for now, my warm bed calls.


katjjames said...

(laughing) No, no, no, wrong answer! You quickly grab the camera snap a pic and proudly display it at a high school graduation!

Gette said...

Then I get sent upriver for child porn...