28 November 2007


I heard some good news on the radio yesterday. Good in a weird way. Thanksgiving week gasoline sales were down 1.7% from this week last year. This comes in a series of 5 weeks' decline in demand. Consumption of gasoline is down, if only minimally. It is only a reduction in consumption that will ever bring the cost of gas down. Keep is up consumers! You're on the way!
iPastor got an Eagles DVD for Christmas, and we're having a lovely home concert experience as I type. Can't put out the $$$$ for tickets, but this is a lovely substitute.
Fun with words: conundrum. We got to explain that one to the German kid over the weekend. When we were more active, rabid Star Trek fans, and Next Generation was still in broadcast, they went through a period one season where the titles of the episodes were "Catastrophe," "Disaster," Conundrum," etc. It got to the point where we wondered why they didn't just start naming the episodes "Really Big Problem of the Week" "Conundrum" has been one of those pet words in our family since then. Just a fun little tidbit to share.
Had a couple readers mention troubles reading this here rag. If you're out there at all, would you please leave a comment of some sort, even just "Hi," so I know if anyone can see this. Thanky really muchy.


cosmic junkie said...

Coming through loud and clear friend. Keep it up! Great stuff!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

I can see you! I haven't been able to comment due to my pc being on the fritz, but I'm back, and can see you just fine.

Oh and YAY to the decline.. hopefully we can continue it and really send a strong message out. I know I'm tired of my wallet getting hit because some guy halfway across the world decided he doesn't like us much.