03 November 2007


At least the titles I've chosen for the month are easy...heh.

The weather for today looks to be 50-ish and partly cloudy, plenty nice for November, and perfect for an afternoon of forced child labor in the yard. 60s possible tomorrow. That's a two-job day, though, so I'll have to get the yard work in today.
Right now I'm burning daylight, so I'll get to it and maybe be back with pictures.


MamaMichelsBabies said...

The weather is nice.. it cou;d be worse, we could already have snow, but they are saying this year may be drier then the last few.. so we will see. Last year I wondered if we were going to have snow by Christmas. We did, but just barely.

Congrats on the test though. 96 ain't to shabby. Aint' to shabby at all :)

Cliff said...

I'm anxious to see the pics. We got done with harvest about an hour ago. So I'm kinda back to bother you.
I read every word I had missed.
Now get the whip out and get those chilins to movin.